Karla Cornwall

Karla Cornwall

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Divulge your background they say, this is what every artist must do today. They won’t take you seriously so the industry says. Is my background really that important? Or what I choose to display on canvas, 3d models or what I see day to day.


My journey began as I was creative from young. Experiences reflect lessons that I learnt which was easier said than done.

I reached a point where the road broke into two, I chose fashion over art it was the right thing to do. This road was long and very challenging rewarding sometimes, but emotionally draining. Through trials and tribulations, I encountered on the way, felt restricted couldn’t express what I really wanted to say.


Didn’t realize art had crept onto my display of clothes I produced was kinda cliché. I had an epiphany, I never left art as it was always with me placed in my back pack folded up nice and neatly. I used it from time to time if the process intrigued me. Which brings us to the present time my background in fashion the materials I use, merging it with art creating a new muse.

Playing games with the perception of one’s mind, giving the illusion of one medium when it is something totally different is truly divine.

Provoking one’s touch senses is pleasing to my heart that is why I am creating New Age Textile Art.


“The work I produce is reflective of my fashion background. I mainly work with threads and synthetic wools to create newfangled contemporary Art, which defines the uniqueness in my work and the techniques that I use.

What inspires me? My inspiration is random at times; however, I always stay true to myself which allows me to offer a service that encourages my clients to do the same.

One thing that runs continuously through my work is the drive and freedom to challenge my craft on different platforms.

“Every creative idea is worthy, be inspired.”
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