Geoffrey Reed

Geoffrey Reed

Born at Leicester Royal Infirmary (because he wanted to be near his mum), Geoffrey was often to be found musing amongst the low-lying meadowlands of the River Soar, which runs next to the ruins of Cardinal Wolsey’s Abbey - destroyed by Henry the VIII in 1538. 

As the sun went down squirrels, baby rabbits and blue birds would gather at his feet and ‘beg to hear his wondrous stories’ etc. 

In brief. Geoffrey has one of those exploratory minds as possessed by artists, writers, inventors, visionaries and occasional web-profile writers, who seemingly have the uncanny ability to pluck new ideas out of thin air. 

He started off his working life as an apprentice bookbinder for a Leicester based print firm called Adams Brothers and Shardlow Ltd and sees himself as a craftsman by trade. After which he went to Watford College to study ‘Typography’ under the tutelage of Mike Matthews. This directly led to employment as a creative and copywriter for the renowned advertising agency ‘BMP Countrywide’. 

He later went to South Bank University, where he gained a BSc (Hons) in Product Design and has worked on various industrial designs, ranging from the ‘incase diabetic travel companion’ and ‘Rocky Alarm Clock’ (own designs) to the ‘Celix 2000’ image setter for Sony and has since become an active member of the Kingston Inventors Club. 

Geoffrey is both a risk taker and an adventurer, having travelled extensively, including climbing to the top of the Jungfrau in the Bernese Oberland with one crampon (his brother had the other), working as an off road motorbike instructor in the Appalachian Mountains (Poconos), Pennsylvania and hitchhiking the width and breath of America (including through the Nevada Desert). 

In November 1989, he expressed his political beliefs by going to Germany and was arrested for attacking the Berlin Wall with a sledgehammer and making one of the first breaches, that ‘he argues’ precipitated the fall of European style Communism, (although that particular evil still exists in the Labour Party today). His graffiti on the wall at the time is immortalised in ‘The Berlin Wall Book’, page 107 - (published by Thames and Hudson). 

Geoffrey also spent 15 years in the Territorial Army as a member of the Leicestershire and Derbyshire Yeomanry in the 7th Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment first as an Infantryman before transferring to the Recognisance (British Army of the Rhine). 

He has now turned his creative attention to television and has devised a raft of new TV ideas with huge commercial potential, both at home and abroad and is currently in the process of setting up his own TV and film Production Company to exploit them. 

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