Eleonora Böhm

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This epic collection captures the golden age of motor racing, between the 1920’s and 1960’s.

An era characterised by the personality of the drivers, not surprisingly called the ‘Knights of the Risk’, and cars that met the canons of aesthetics, not conditioned by modern technology.

This era has inspired the venetian painter Eleonora Böhm, who transforms onto canvas the nostalgic atmosphere. One of these works was even used in the recent official publication ‘Maserati 1914 - 2014 100 Years of History’. It is the only painting between hundreds of photographs and was selected because of its dramatic depiction of the famous close competition in 1957 at Sebring between Fangio-Behra of Maserati and Hawthom -Bueb of Jaguar.

Written by Daniele Buzzonetti author of the book Maserati 1914 - 2014 100 Years of History’

Campbell’s Framing and Art are proud to be associated with the launch of the originals and limited editions of this amazing collection of racing history.

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