Emotions in Colour - Karla Cornwall & Ainsley Yearwood

Emotions in Colour - Karla Cornwall & Ainsley Yearwood

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On Wednesday 21 June we launch Emotions in Colour is a collaboration of eclectic art by artists Karla Cornwall and Ainsley Yearwood. 


Colour is perhaps the greatest link between these two prolific and highly competent artists. Ainsley is a traditional painter of the canvas in oils and acrylics and Karla extends this amazing use of colour to a format of various non-conventional mediums creating her artistic compositions in thread of all things. Divulge your background they say, this is what every artist must do today. They won’t take you seriously so the industry says.


Karla's creations straddle the line between fashion and art with a flirt into interior designing.
“Every creative idea is worthy, be inspired.”
Karla Cornwall London

Ainsley Yearwood art works are deeply rooted in his life experiences, world travels that are a yearly pilgrimage and his day-to-day interactions with life. His creative process is greatly influenced by,  (as he coined it) his combination of Chakras which inspires and Influencing his artistic emotional expressions of vividly colourful and mysterious works .The works on display by Ainsley in the the forthcoming show is an in depth minds eye view of life and emotions through the use of electrifying colours.

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