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A handmade frame at Campbell’s is an original work of art in itself. No two frames are completely identical. This slight hint of uniqueness is at the heart of our vast high quality range of handmade frames.


Campbell’s of London S. Ken: Despite our very strict and uncom- promising guidelines on the materials, techniques, and measure- ments that contribute to the creation of a Campbell’s handmade frame.

Each frame is precisely crafted to your exact specification and taste using Victorian aged techniques by our team of skilled Mas- ter Craftsment at one of our owned and operated workshops. Frames can be made to cover any period including historical, classical and contemporary. In addition to our extensive range of frames we are renowned for recreating frames to match your existing designs as well as working with you on new creations.

Our handmade frames are categorised as follows: Contemporary: Innovative designs inspired by the late 20th and

21st centuries. Usually suitable for modern paintings

Veeneer: Our special range of specially applied high quality original wood veneers. Ideal for maps and some classical period works Campbell use acid free materials and we only work with environmentally friendly woods, papers, adhesives and gilding materials.

Arabic Designs: A unique and exclusive range of highly bur- nished Middle Eastern designs. Perhaps the largest collection worldwide

Classical: Traditional and period designs dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Ideal for paintings styled in relative periods

Our frames are hand gilded using 23.7 carat yellow gold leaf and 15 carat white gold, silver, bronze or metal leaf. Other op- tions include stains, colour pigments, piano, crackled and veneer finished. Most of our handmade frames are gessoed therefore the frame corner mitres are usually hidden. We also have a range of glass including UV Filtered, Non-reflective White Water, Museum and Denglass.

We also carry an extensive range of mount boards in hundered s of colours, textures and thickness. Our skilled craftsment can also ad that extra touch of class with washlines, gold bevels and a host of other mounting finishes.

What sets Campbell’s apart from the rest; is our experience and willingness to produce frames to your exact specifications.

We will go the extra mile to ensure that you get exactly what you like.

Classical Frames   |   Modern Frames   |   Arabic Frames   |   Wood Veneer Frames