Handmade picture frames, mirrors and other gilded structures can become damaged over time.

In addition to the more obvious physical damages that can occur, wear and tear due to atmospheric conditions as well as the use of in appropriate cleaning and less durable materials all contribute to the the deterioration of frames.  


The beauty of handmade frames is their ability to be restored in some cases to their full glory. We are very experienced at restoring handmade frames. Although it uses some of the same materials and processes as making a new handmade frame the technique and tasks are very different. Restoration of frames can sometimes involve the re-carving of moulding patterns already used on the frame. It also involves very meticulous finishing of surfaces, blending the new areas to look like the existing ones as well as cleaning up the entire frame. Finally, frame restoration sometimes requires the reinforcement of the physical structure of the frame to ensure that they can survive another century presenting your precious artwork.

As restoration work can vary from as little as repairing and gilding small dent in the gesso on the frame, to other major restoration tasks each job has to be assessed and quoted prior to the work being performed.  We can provide a basic appraisal of the frame condition and work to be carried out – the basic appraisal is done at no charge. We charge a small fee for a further in-depth appraisal. We can collect your painting and return the work to you after it has been fully restored.

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