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Shaquille-Aaron Keith

London, UK

Shaquille-Aaron Keith is a Trinidadian-British Artist, whose style and likeness can be said to be inspired by that of Kerry James Marshall, Basquiat and even Frida Kahlo. His works, are often radical, personal or often commentating on our current social climate. Shaquille draws inspiration from things such as; growing up in a household of 3 other siblings with an immigrant single mother, to the harsh moments that a teenage black boy may go through in the streets of southeast London.

Even though he studied illustration and visual communication, Shaquille’s style and approach have been self-taught and he has produced many work throughout his life. Being shown for the first time here!

“I want people to see that I’m telling these stories for people who don’t have space to articulate their stories,” said Keith. “I’ve captured moments in my life that some people might resonate with, and I cover things that not everyone really talks about. I don’t think there’s a name for what I’m doing—I can just be Shaquille.” (VMan Magazine)

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