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Jason Fraser

Jason Fraser (b. 1966) is without a doubt one of the iconic press photographers of his generation’ This synopsis by Newsweek sums up the excellence of one of the UK’s most celebrated and famous photographers. Jason started his photography career at the tender age of 14 when he took the last photograph of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton together. With unparalleled access to the biggest events of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, he was the chosen photographer to take the only aerial photograph in Wembley Stadium for Live Aid, 1985. A breathtaking image and a time where everybody remembers where they were.

Although Jason knows many of the celebrities he’s photographed, that doesn’t mean they cosy up for a video and a curry on Saturday night, it does mean they discuss potential pictures and enjoy a mutually trusting relationship. Anyone can take a good picture, however with Jason’s photographs each picture has a special story about the subject as well as the situation under which it was taken.


You don’t have to be the greatest photographer but you need a mountain of discretion and fantastic contacts that require non-stop nurturing. Jason vividly recalls experiencing unpleasantness in his early years from his colleagues, so however self-assured you are, don’t be a prima donna because you’re not the first or the last to be in the business. Jason’s daughter is unfazed by the famous so it helps him to keep his feet on the ground – and stop his ego from bursting.


His photography very rarely comes to market being a White House and French Elysee Accredited photographer, making any of his images a showpiece Christmas gift! 


Jason’s work has been described as ‘Spellbinding’ (Discovery Channel), ‘The lensman the stars ask for’ (Independent) and amongst a never-ending list of plaudits by all of the critics. He was named by GQ Magazine as the 62nd most powerful man in Britain. His archive includes stunning images of the most famous world personalities of the 20th century. Being the personal photographer to Margaret Thatcher, traveling around the world with her with complete access, he was able to produce some of the most memorable photographs ever seen of her. 


In addition, he also worked with individuals such as Princess Diana, Mariah Carey, George Michael, and for 20 years David Bowie. 

Jason has chosen to release very limited editions of some of the most iconic images in some very personal settings. Each photograph has a unique story both in terms of the subject as well as the situation. This makes the collection a definite must-have.


Some of his most memorable pictures include the very first picture in twenty-two years of international terrorist Carlos the Jackal moments before his arrest; Princess Diana holding Prince Harry in a tender portrait, and the first picture of a bomb attack on 10 Downing Street.