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Gin Lane 2016

Gin Lane 2016 is Thomas Moore’s reimagining of William Hogarth’s legendary etching of 1751. Three hundred years after Hogarth reflected the public health crises of his day, which at the time was drunkenness via gin, Thomas made this reinterpretation commissioned by The Royal Society for Public Health to reflect what our public health concerns are today.

Drinking Martinis

Inspired by his frustrated years of bartending, Thomas Moore created this pair of intricate drawings, which contrasts the class divide in British drinking culture. From working in rowdy and grimy pubs to posh and extravagant gin bars, Thomas naturally brought his experiences serving alcohol to the public into his work to create these dark humoured pieces of social commentary; from a pint and a packet of crisps to martinis with

I Hate your Twisted Poetry, Tell Me More

‘How many times have you been led astray by false truths whispered into your ear? … We consume these words not realising how much is being said but if we could visualize it, I’m sure we could build small mountains of words. . . . People are always telling you their twisted poetry, and when liquid lips spill, the most dangerous thing we can do is listen.’

– Shaquille-Aaron Keith

Inherited Pain

‘The painting is of a parent and their child. The parent is upset, disheartened by their life of hardship of being a black person in today’s society, they also cry and worry for the future of their own child … this is based on the real narrative a lot of people grow up in today’s society, a narrative I wish to see long-forgotten … Let’s not ease up the fight … Let’s use all the gas in the vehicle  to make sure we reach its destination and stop Inherited Pain’

– Shaquille-Aaron Keith




Name: Dancers Artists Name: James Huston Type of art: Print/Photography

Kate Spencer

Name: Kate Spencer Artists Name: John Campbell Type of art: Print

Abstract Shapes

Leeroy Clarke Trinidad and Tabago artists, poet, lecturer/inspirationalist, philosopher and Orisha Leader. Leeroy expressed his spirituality through the use of bright colours and the freedom of shapes on the painting. These expressive pieces give the viewer freedom to create their story within the painting.

Siberian Tiger

Name: Siberian Tiger Artists Name: Spencer Hodge Type of art: Print