For Your Entertainment Only (Leroy The Clown)

Does my appearance offend you?

Depending on whom I ask,

It tends to.

Why are you so obsessed with my full lips,

Why must you seek to change your body

To the likeness of my aunties wide hips.

My hair may feel like cotton,

But that’s not to say it’s cotton candy,

So if you’d gladly,

Get less handy,

Without the

Approval of your fingers within my scalp

I’d appreciate it.

I see you’ve taken notice of how

desirable my brown skin is,

Most kissed by the sun,

So you sit in front of it,

Hoping yours will get some.


A tan and melanin,

Are two different things,

Like real gold,

And gold plated rings.

It seems as though I am just a joke to you,

Perhaps a clown.

You laugh at my broad nose,

But it’s beautiful and smells your bullshit

From a mile away.

I guess what I’m trying to say,


From me and my people,

And the culture you stole…

It would seem you owe me,

It’s time to Pay up

Because I’m NOT

For your entertainment only.

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Name: For Your Entertainment Only

25 Limited Edition

Black Ink Signed Print.

Framing Optional upon Request.

Artists Name: Shaquille-Aaron Keith

Shaquille-Aaron Keith is a Trinidadian-British Artist, whose style and likeness can be considered to be inspired by that of Kerry James Marshall, Basquiat and even Frida Kahlo. His works are often radical, personal or often commentating on our current social climate. He draws inspiration from things such as growing up in a household with 3 other siblings with an immigrant single mother to the harsh moments southeast London black teenagers go through. There’s never a dull moment in Keith’s work,  whether that’s through his paintings or through his poetry.