Inherited Pain


‘The painting is of a parent and their child. The parent is upset, disheartened by their life of hardship of being a black person in today’s society, they also cry and worry for the future of their own child … this is based on the real narrative a lot of people grow up in today’s society, a narrative I wish to see long-forgotten … Let’s not ease up the fight … Let’s use all the gas in the vehicle  to make sure we reach its destination and stop Inherited Pain’

– Shaquille-Aaron Keith



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Name: Inherited Pain

25 Limited Edition

Black Ink Signed Print.

Artists Name: Shaquille-Aaron Keith

Shaquille-Aaron Keith is a Trinidadian-British Artist, who’s style and likeness can be considered to be inspired by that of Kerry James Marshall, Basquiat and even Frida Kahlo. His works are often radical, personal or often commentating on our current social climate. He draws inspiration from things such as growing up in a household with 3 other siblings with an immigrant single mother to the harsh moments south-east London black teenagers go through. There’s never a dull moment in Keith’s work,  whether that’s through his paintings or through his poetry.



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Dimensions 95.8 × 118.9 cm