Lunchtime focuses on highlighting a mother, during her sacred bond with her child. Since the identity of a woman can often be overshadowed by motherhood, this piece focuses more on the mother and the bond, rather than the child.
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Carla Scemama’s main subject matter is the female gaze, each piece is a homage to an empowering woman. Anything else on the canvas works to either highlight the subject or manipulate the viewer’s gaze towards the subject, with great importance and detail to the female essence. Carla also applies abstracted and elusive details to her surroundings, emphasising the woman in the painting. Portraying female sexuality in a delicate yet empowering manner is the main goal, which is to put all different kinds of women on the pedestal where they belong. The exaggerated vibrance use in the colour schemes is simply a manifestation of the strong personality etched onto the canvas.

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Dimensions 42 × 59.8 cm