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Shaquille-Aaron Keith

Shaquille-Aaron Keith is one of the artists to collaborate with us and sell his prints worldwide. He was Born 1995 in South East London, Catford, Lewisham, United Kingdom. With his studies on Illustration and visual communication at the University of Westminster, he has become one of the hottest upcoming artists from London. Being featured in various different magazines and blogs he quotes that he never leaves his creative self.

(Photo credited by Shaquille-Aaron Keith)

 ‘Create to express, create to inspire, but none-the-less always creating.’ (Shaquille-Aaron Keith)

During his interview with Notion Online he talks about his aspiration and his goals; 

“I dream one day of being able to pull a Basquiat and sell pieces for more than a decent amount of money,” he continues, citing one of “three major inspirations” – Tupac Shakur, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Alexander McQueen. “Those guys changed the world and the world’s way of looking at things,”

In his feature the HOLR in 2020 edition, Shaquille discusses the topics that are close to his heart which inspire his artistry from poetry to paintings. He tells HOLR how social justice and the events are ongoing battles he always had to deal with and he felt it was his responsibility as an artist with a voice to talk about those subjects and communicate the struggles some may not have ever felt or seen.

Shaquille’s artwork rarely comes on the market so we feel privileged he has chosen our platform to share his latest work. 

“Everything I create is off feeling. Whether it’s an animation or a painting, there’s definitely a reason I decided to create each piece I make.”

(Shaquille-Aaron Keith) (Photo Credited by Premier Model Management)

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